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Hello. I am John Jaquez, owner and operator of San Juan River Outfitters and Livery Co. I introduce myself and extend a hearty invitation to New Mexico where we can meet personally. I am blessed with many who've come to my camps as a customer and have left as friends.

We are a full service backcountry organization, specializing in premium elk and deer hunts in the state of New Mexico. We are equipped and staffed to deliver you a hunt program which we feel is unmatched in the state. I am very proud of my staff and think that you will find them competent and enthusiastic in bringing you what we hope is the hunt of a lifetime.
San Juan River Outfitters is my job. This is what I do. This is not a sideline or hobby for me. It is my goal to provide you top-flight accommodation and services for your hunt at a fair and affordable price. It is my goal to give you your money's worth and have you come back year after year. I encourage you to bookmark this site and spend a little time here. I will try to be thorough in describing our services and explaining what you'll need to plan a New Mexico hunt. I encourage you to email me or call with any questions you may have about your hunt.

We are hands-on outfitters in the old fashioned mold. Ours is a traditional camp with a classic old fashioned flavor. We believe there is little more satisfying than the sights, sounds, and smells of a good camp in a good place. We go to great efforts to keep you comfortable, warm, clean and well fed on your hunt, and to put you on a good trophy animal.
We hunt a combination of public and private land over much of New Mexico. We have our favorite hunt units and will help you find a hunt which meets your trophy aspirations as well as your budget. Most western elk and deer hunting states have gone to a "drawing only" license system. It is one of our most important duties to you to help you develop an application strategy which will get you in a good area with reasonable odds of drawing a tag. (See our "What are my Odds" page for a more thorough discussion of this subject) We will guide you through the license application process. Perhaps most important, your application will be routed through the outfitter pool which greatly improves your chances of being drawn for a license.

Welcome to our site. Stay and look around and return often. There are lots of pictures which will help you get an idea of who we are and what we do.

Thank you for considering San Juan River Outfitters for your New Mexico hunt or expedition.

 John Jaquez
San Juan River Outfitters and Livery Co.
#200 Rd. 4599
Blanco,NM 87412
575-621-6158 (mobile)